Lakeland Community Information

Lakeland (North and South) are both communities of King County, the nation?s 12th largest county by population and the largest in the state of Washington. With more than 1.7 million residents, King County is the economic center of the Pacific Northwest. The county is bordered by the Puget Sound, which in addition to the county?s already sophisticated land transportation network, makes King County a primary water port for importing and exporting goods. To this end, many major corporations have operations within this region that serve to provide residents with a plethora of employment opportunities in several major industries. Combine this with the region?s emphasis on education and it is easy to see why King County is always placed among the 100 wealthiest counties in the United States.

The largest university in King County is the University of Washington, one of the finest academic institutions in the country. Other schools include the University of Puget Sound, Green River Community College, Highline Community College, Bates Technical College, Tacoma Community College, Clover Technical College and Renton Technical College. The many technical schools located in this area is a testament to the many IT, engineering and other technical and MIS job positions that exist in this part of the state. Medical facilities that are located within 10 miles of the Lakeland communities include Auburn Regional Medical Center, St. Francis Community Hospital and the Good Samaritan Hospital and Rehab Center. The presence of institutions of higher learning and a selection of fine hospitals is always a measure of a region?s economic development and as evidenced, the Lakeland communities are a part of a prospering economy that is committed to organically grow through its continued investment into the development of residential neighborhoods and retail, commercial and business facilities.

The neighboring cities of Federal Way and Kent are filled with everything one would expect from a thriving community, including a fine selection of restaurants, shopping malls, specialty stores, boutiques, museums, theatres, concert venues, music halls and performing arts centers. Nightclubs and bars abound as do city parks and open spaces for hiking, biking, hunting and fishing. All in all, these cities, both less than five miles away, are the perfect compliment to Lakeland (North and South) where safe neighborhoods make for a great environment to settle down and raise a family. Furthermore, when the many amenities of these communities are added to the many social and cultural amenities of Lakeland (North and South), visitors quickly realize that living here is fulfilling experience for people of all ages. Other cities nearby include Tacoma, Algona, Pacific, Milton, Sumner and Auburn.

For sports enthusiasts, most locals support the professional and collegiate athletic teams of the greater Seattle area. Teams like the NBA?s Super Sonics, the NFL?s Seahawks and baseball?s Mariners all have new sporting facilities and are located in urban areas surrounded by shops, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Proximity to the Seattle area means residents of Lakeland (North and South) can be a part of the action via a simple commute into the downtown area. For collegiate athletics, the University of Washington is a member of the Pacific 10 Conference and competes at the highest levels of amateur competition against other world-renowned universities such as Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, USC, UCLA, Oregon and Arizona in both men?s and women?s sports. Indeed, Seattle truly is one of America?s greatest sports cities and the towns and communities within King County experience many benefits because of their association with the Seattle Metro Area.

Lakeland (North and South) are indeed excellent communities to live. Both offer attractive housing in safe environments at affordable prices. Overall, the state of Washington boasts an outstanding education system that is committed to the betterment of today?s youth and the creation of academic opportunities for today?s working adults. From private and parochial schools to public schools with subsidized programs, this state cares about its citizenry. Lakeland (North and South) continue to grow with population bases expected to exceed 35,000 by 2010. So, for those contemplating a move to the northwest part of Washington, consider the many real estate opportunities that are becoming available in either of these communities where the pulse of a major city is just a heartbeat away.

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